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    My name is Crystal and I have no clue how to classify myself. I started cooking when I was 7, my first project being flan. I still remember the taste of it that I have always had a soft spot for it in my heart. Since then, I've mostly had fast food jobs (Pizza Hut Head Cook/Subway Manager/Starbucks Barista) but as of a couple of years ago, I went from dishwasher for Hilton to "Chef." I did banquets and fine dining. Then, I decided to go to school for culinary arts. For me, it wasn't my thing, as I was teaching the classes (don't be telling me that a baumkuchen is NOT a layered cake just because YOU don't know what it is. Pfft.)

    So I dropped out. And I quit Hilton. Now I'm working for a small time bakery, being their business adviser/recipe consultant/manager of location/I don't even know what I am, but they love me and I love them so it's all good. They are also willing to let me bring my chocolatier skills into the picture, so that's why I'm mostly here: to get answers that seems to not be on google.

    Oh, and I know I sound really cocky, but I spent a good time of my life doubting my skills up until I gave up a most amazing offer just because I thought I would screw up and make their rating go down. So I'm done with doubting and on to being sure of my self. =] So it's nice to meet eveyone!
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    Welcome. Confidence is a good thing cockiness is not it is compensation for lack of knowledge. Glad you joined ChefTalk let us know if you have any questions. We request members post a review of their culinary school as it helps ChefTalk out and helps prospective students out. Thanks