hey guys!


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i'm Jasmine,new here !
hope to share my stories and experiences on food with all of you !
from now on, i will join all of you .
all the best!!!
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Hello Jasmine, and welcome to Chef Talk. Maybe you'd share with us the story of how you got interested in food and cooking.

Enjoy the community, and make sure to explore the site. There's a lot more here besides the discussion forums.

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Hi and welcome.
I see you're already participating... Is tea your hobby or your career? I love green and white tea with honey. Hubby drinks it without.I have to keep reminding him not to pour boiling water on the white tea leaves.But old habits die hard.

My favourite everyday teas are gunpowder green and Jasmine.

Do you like to cook? If so what are your favourite cuisines?

I'm sure you'll have fun here, we're friendly and like to talk... Look forward to hearing from you
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Hi Jasmine,

Just a thought... We havn't had a discussion on Tea for as long as i can remember.It would be great if you would start a thread on the subject.You could share your knowledge and experience, and im sure it would be very popular. Just go to the food and cooking forum and click on new thread. It would be good to see others interest in the subject too

As I said, just a thought, no pressure

All the best
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