Hey guys! I graduated!!!

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Well, I am trying to recover from the exhaustion of graduating my Advanced Course in Cake Decorating. That completes 24 weeks of cake decorating! WOW! Our teacher was just plain HARD! And, she didn't hand out complements easily. So, I was pretty happy when she said that I did a really nice job on my cake. It was a 3 tiered cake, Yellow with lemon filling and it had White Pansies with violet colored faces, violets and tiny pansies as well. Everything on it was edible, including the top, which was made of royal icing sugar. There were tons of domes and filigree scrolls. Tons of work. Thank God it's over. Hey, if you are in La Jolla, CA on March 10th or 11th, I'll be entering a cake show, and going for some ribbons! Wish me luck!
Missed you guys!
P. S. I made Salmon Croquets, jasmine rice and apple sauce for dinner. This was a major improvement for my kids, as they were sick of forraging the fridge! :eek:
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Where did ya take your classes from?
Good Luck on your cake show.I know some people who will be there. :)
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I took cake classes at Suzy's Sweettooth in Montclair, Ca. on Benson. She doesn't charge a lot for the classes...24-27 dollars for 8 weeks. And she gives a 10% discount on any purchases for enrolled students. She is a tough teacher. She always seemed to ask me for something that I forgot. (and I don't usually forget stuff) But, there are cullinary students and food professionals that study under Suzy, because she is so good. Also, you do get a certificate of graduation for each course, Beg. Interm. and Advanced.
Do you mean "I'll pass on the recipe" or "pass me the recipe"...ha!

right off the can and doctored up a bit. I tend to use a few recipes combined to make anything...

Salmon Croquettes
1 Can 14 3/4 oz. Salmon (or fresh cooked)
1 c. cracker crumbs
1 clove garlic , pressed
1 egg
1/4 c. milk
1 t. Worchestershire sauce
1/2 c. chopped celery
small amount chopped green onion

Form into patties and and dip in beaten eggs and roll in seasoned bread crumbs.

They liked them so much that they ate this morning for breakfast again!

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Sounds GREAT! I'll sign up for the next course (you don't mind if I stay with you, do you? - anybody else too?) We know that you will have a great dinner waiting for us when we come back from class too!
Just kidding!
: )

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Well done - Congrats on success

I'll be trying your Salmon Croqs recipe,
i use chinese flavouring with a dash of Worcesteshire sauce after cooking.
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