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Hey Everyone!

I'm a home cook who really enjoys cooking for family and friends. I currently use a mix All-Clad Copper Core pans along with some other random ones gathered along the way. As far as cutlery goes, I use Wusthof. I don't know how much I'll be able to contribute here as I am very much in the learning process, but I hope I can take a bit away to use in my home cooking. Please bare with my questions as they might seem a little odd at times.

Manassas, VA
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Welcome, Brian- you needn't worry about your level of expertise. I'm a home cook too, and I've learned SO much from everyone here, both professionals and home cooks. The professionals' forums are 'read only' for home cooks like us, but you're welcome to post in the general forums. There's a great deal of information here- years worth, which you can check with the search tool.

What do you most enjoy cooking? Are there regional or local specialties you like to prepare? What would you most like to learn more about? You'll be amazed by how much you can learn here!

Enjoy the site and the community.
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Thanks for the welcome! My favorite thing to make is risotto, honestly. Something about it I just love. Like tonight, for example, I made a white butter truffle risotto topped with black truffles. Was to die for - at least my wife and I thought. Another thing I like is to do pan fried steaks. Sometimes in cast iron, sometimes with my all-clad (I've noticed a flavor difference myself, I don't know about anyone else.) Grilling them sometimes in the summer, of course, too, but something about being able to use the drippings to make a reduction is nice.

I honestly couldn't tell you what our local specialties are. Seems you can find anything here. Manassas, VA is just outside (20 mins) of Washington, DC and about four hours from Manhattan, NY. I should know more of the local stuff. I'm a photographer by trade (So let's just say I have a lot of free time to cook...) and a stay at home pops so I have a lot of time to read up and try new things.

You'd think I'd know what was more "local." They actually used to have a farm that had Kobe-certified beef but it went bankrupt (I think) so that was depressing) I'll admit I do watch Food Network and the likes a lot. Emeril Green is filmed at the local Whole Food's here. I thought they went to different ones filming it, but they stay at the same one because ours is the largest in the US, so they have the room. Anyways, it is nice that way because I run into the people who he brings out that work there (Just did today, actually) and they're actually pretty knowledgeable. Helped my food-retarded rear end.

I pretty much want to learn anything that tastes good. I know that's kind of an open ended statement, but they happen. I love French cuisine but I don't just want to cook your average French stuff that everyone else can. While I do enjoy it, I'd rather get deeper into it. I guess I should make the investment into the Julia Child book (Heck, after what I've spent in pans and knives you'd think they'd give the darned book to me.)

I also enjoy making sushi and many Asian dishes. I spent a lot of time over there (I'm ex-Navy) and wish I spent more time eating than drinking. Or at least figuring out what I was eating while I was drinking so I'd remember what it was that I ate that was SO darned good.

Another thing I definitely need to master is sauces. Definitely high on my list but I know I need to crawl before I walk. Something about a good sauce is good. I came up with a great recipe for hot sauce (Based it off one very basic recipe and then went buck wild with it). I had my brother reproduce it out in California and even his Mexican-American friends wanted the recipe. Everyone I know who's tried it likes it. Goes really good was a dribble along side a steak on the plate.

Ok, that's a little bit of me. Hopefully I didn't bore you to death! Hopefully I can find some cool recipes to try out here. Again, thank you for the welcome!

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