Hey from south carolina / however currently in Beijing

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    I just realized this section was here, originally I posted about health conscious oyster chowder and had a great turn out, but just wanted to say hello one more time here. Like I said in the title, I’m from South Carolina but currently Beijing teaching English.  In the states I was a line cook at night for a hotel restaurant, I did fairly well for myself but since management changed and the chef i admired left I quit as well. I hope when I return to the US to find a new job in the kitchen. I need to start cooking like the locals, there's no cheese anywhere!
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    Welcome to Chef Talk Joe.

    It can be difficult cooking out of your familiar environment.  The available ingredient must be interesting.  I look forward to hearing more about your culinary adventures.

    I’m sure that you’ve already taken a look around the site; should you have any questions, please post those in the Feedback & Suggestions forum.  

    Have you seen cheftalk.com on Face Book and Pinterest yet?  More like minded folks to connect with, it’s all about sharing about food, right?  Visit often and happy cooking.