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:peace:Just had to put this smile guy here because it struck me as a part of history. You see I am old enough to remember President Richard Nixon striking this same pose. Funny how time flys by.

I was a teenager then and I had a love for cooking, I remember my great grandmother (who was living with us) baking bread and teaching me how to do it. There is nothing like the taste of fresh baked bread warm out of the oven with a little real butter.

She passed on a few years later, but I still use the recipes she left me.

Later in life I had the honor of managing a Tex Mex Cantina and worked with several fine mexican cooks. To this day I crave the food that they put on the table. Try as I might I can't quite get it right. It was simple yet complex and all built around a base
sauce and spice mix that was used in almost all the food.

These days I work from my home and therefore am also chief cook and dish washer. I enjoy shopping for food and doing things like trying to see how many meals I can get out of a whole chicken.

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Thank you for the introduction, Thomas, and welcome to Chef Talk. I had a similar experience with an elder, my grandmother, living with us and teaching me to bake bread too. I see her hands in dough when I'm kneading!

I'm sure you'll enjoy surveying all there is to see here, but even moreso, being part of this community of professional and home cook food lovers.

Do you ever mix your love of food and of photography to take shots of your culinary projects? If so, please post some in the photo gallery for everyone to see.

I hope you visit and participate often. Welcome!
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