Hey from Eric in Sf Veg Chef

Joined Aug 26, 2004
I just signed up because I was looking up some info on a chef friend in NYC, and came across some one in the mid west into foraging for wild mushrooms.
Well its dry as a bone here in the SF area (well along the fog belt an occasional Prince or Lepiota can be found) Well if you are into mycology, veg cuisine,(that is what I do 60 hrs aweek) sustainable agriculture, know of the bitching single track in your area, or played in 80's punk bands.
Drop me a line. :chef:
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Oh boy, Eric, have you come to the right place! We have a member (Shroomgirl) who's very much into mycology. She's not alone, so you'll find plenty of plenty of great people to hook up with.

Welcome to Chef Talk Cafe! Be sure to take a look over at the main Chef Talk site for some more fun: articles, cookbook reviews, etc. You're gonna love it!

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