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My name is Alex and I am a college student and I like to cook food when I am at home. I like food that is cheap and tasty. I do not care about healthy, all-nature and organic stuff. As long as the food taste good and is not breaking my wallet, that is the food that I like. My kitchen is tiny (9x6 galley) and I do not have any fancy equipment (except a blender that I got for free and a KitchenAid mixer that I bought used and all dirty for cheap on eBay). My favorite thing to make is grilled beef or chicken sandwiches, because they are cheap and tasty. I use sauces a lot to compensate for the lack of my cooking skills, but the main point that the food comes out tasty.
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Welcome Alex. I know exactly where you're coming from. I just graduated from college a short time ago as well. Don't worry about a lack of cooking skills; not a single person here was born a decent cook. You have to have a love for food and an interest to learn. By joining ChefTalk, you no doubt have both. Read and enjoy, and you will learn a lot. Don't forget to check out product reviews, articles, etc. There's a lot more to this site than just the forum.

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I'd like to add my greetings to Tyler's enthusiastic one! I'm sure, Alex, that you'll probably hear people here try to get you to eat more healthfully and naturally, but hey- we all have our thing. /img/vbsmilies/smilies//biggrin.gif You've got to be adventurous and adaptable to cook in a kitchen the size of our walk-in closet! My hat's off to you- that's tough. I knwo there are others here from the NYC area and other places in the world where space is at a premium (Hong Kong or Tokyo, for instance) who can give you some tips for how to bloom your culinary skills in tight quarters.

Welcome! We hope you enjoy being part of this community.

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Thanks all for your welcome. Not only is my kitchen small, but it is also overfilled with bunch of stuff like gadgets and things. Sometimes I find my kitchen too small to work in but generally I find it cozy and I really like the galley plan of it, if it was just a little bit longer and a way that I could install a good range hood, because when I grill something the smoke fills up my whole apartment.
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