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    My name is Vanessa. I finished level one of the culinary program before I graduated high school. Im 24 years old so i guess I've been I'm the industry for 9 years now. Give or take a year or two for working as a shooter girl and other misadventures. Anyhow, I fell in love with culinary for the artistic aspects. Originally I wanted to paint, to be an artist. I love painting canvas with acrylic and I loved clay sculptures. I love the creation, to show my perspective for others to enjoy. so when I was introduced to the art in food, I was sold, A artistic creation enjoyed by more than just the visual sense. Art that can be enjoyed on other levels. Art like painting and sculpture are conceived as expressive, an emotion the artist wants to portray, that's what food is for me. Art. Emotion. Memories. To portray the beauty I've discovered in my life and share it.
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    Food and painting are so much alike they are both art in my opinion. Welcome to ChefTalk, glad to have you.