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I've had this page bookmarked for over three years but never used it that much; always working you know.

I've headed a restaurant in the Wall St. area for the last 10 years , due to our proximity to ground zero our sales plunged over the last year and we just sold the restaurant.

It's nice to step away for a moment, though I'm sure many of you know how weird it is too! I'm excited about the opportunities out there and decided to take some "refresher" courses at CIA next week, get certified with ACF, participate in forums like this, etc., BUT I also haven't left my house in two weeks because I barely know what to do with myself! I've been working in kitchens without a day of absence (besides the 6 weeks after 9/11), for 14 years.
I temporarily took in 2 stragglers who also lost their jobs and I've had the pleasure of cooking at home for them; that's what keeps me sane I guess. How strange to use your OWN pots and pans at home!

Thanks for letting me say that; I know the next thing to do is get off my (now!) Lard Butt, get some exercise, some light, etc...

Looking forward to using this forum!!!
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Welcome to Chef Talk, Chef1x. It looks like this is a good time for you to let us get acquainted with us. You must have some great stories to tell! I hope you will share them, and your culinary knowledge, with us.

Please dive in and roam through all the forums. Our archives and older threads are also sources of some good talk.

I hope we'll see you often.

Mezzaluna, moderator
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