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It's great to find a forum like this. I'm a culinary lifer, attended CIA almost 20 years ago and have worked in just about every scenario since then. I'm currently living in Portland, OR where I'm a Sous Chef for the Bon Appetit Corporation, working at their Intel account. I'm going back to school for my Bachelors in Culinary Management, upon completion I am switching gears and hopefully getting into teaching and eventually buying my own place down the line. I hope to meet some like-minded industry vets and newbies here, do a little networking and a lot of smack talking.
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Hi Joisey, and welcome to Chef Talk. I think you'll find this place has the people you want to meet: plenty of professionals, a good many culinary instructors, and a whole lot of people who are passionate about food.

Have a look around: the forums are terriffic, but don't miss the cooking articles, photo gallery and more. Once you get started here it's hard to come up for air!

We'll look forward to seeing you here often.
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