Hey everyone... What's Cooking.

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My name is Joey, and I found this site when I was looking up why cross contamination is such a bad thing.  I want to begin to do a internet cooking show. So I am saving up until I can get a cam. to do that. I worked in the Business for a little bit, however for the most part I am just a home cook that likes to try new things.

So Thanks for watching and remember  to stay Fresh... That is how I am going to end my shows.
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Hi Joey,

Since you already know how you'll end your show, do you have a working title for what you'll call it?
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Hello Joey and welcome to Chef Talk. As you've probably found by now, this site is a treasure trove of information. If you use the search tool, you'll find 10 years' worth of it. Since you're considering doing an internet show, I strongly recommend you study up on copyright rules as they affect recipes and content from other internet sites (such as Chef Talk). You can find some information here by looking up "copyright", but you'll need to be careful about using information generated by others.

The site here has more than only the discussion forums. We have wikis, cooking articles, photos and more. Since you're a home cook (as I am), you are welcome to read all of the forums here. However, we mustn't post in the Professionals' forums, as that is their privilege.

Let us know if you have questions. Any moderator or admin can help you.

Good luck!

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Thanks for the well wish all , and also thanks for the copyright information . I did not know good could be copy written.

Also I was thinking word.. Eating Around the World with Joey.
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