Hey Baby, What's your line?

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Was your daddy a rocket scientist? 'Cause, Baby, you're da bomb. ;)

That was the best pick-up line this cocktail waiter bounced off me at the last restaurant I worked. He wasn't trying to pick me up. I was just his guinea pig. My line back to him was, "Honey, if good looks were a minute, you could be an hour." Okay, so it's a line from a song, but all my creativity is fed into my work and not my social skills. :D

What's the best pick-up line you've ever heard or delivered? "I need a runner, please!" doesn't count.
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---hehe--- so this is so totally cheesy. About 6 months ago I was at a party with a friend of mine, apparently the guy hosting the party thought I was cute.

He came over to me with like 5 or 6 friends behind him, and he started to sing. "YOu never close your eyes any more when I kiss your lips" He and his friends launched into the whole "you lost that lovin' feelin" song complete with backup... I was so flattered I felt bad telling him I had a boyfriend. BUt it's ok because now he's one of my best friends. ---april---
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While perhaps not exactly a pick up line I did love this. A woman I knew in Alaska was a singer. She was a tall woman with a fairly deep and somewhat gravely voice. Some one heckled her a bit and said " Hey, you look like a woman, but sound like a man, what are you"
She replied " Honey, I'm twice the man you'll ever be, and more woman than you'll ever get!"
God I loved that woman!:D
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Hmm, ok, the funniest, non-sexual pick-up line I heard was on the radio - there was a contest and this was the winner:
Boy meets Girl
Boy: "Do your feet hurt?"
Girl: "No, why?"
Boy: "You've been running through my mind all day." :)
Ok, the English translation is cheesy, but it was the cutest thing in German.
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Some people , like me , just don't need sweet words.

It was the second time he was coming to the lectures that they were organised by the Greek Club of Cambridge.
Silent and tall. No way for me not to notice such a person.
All of our events ended in a pub of Cambridge so the second evening he was there I decided to collect all of my courage to go talk to him.

He was narrating in perfect English with an american accent a fascinating myth that had to do with the invention of Music!
Everybody was fascinated by his narration. Calm, perfect use of the language, and I admit great looking guy!

When he finished his narration I decided to play the smart , so I approached him and told him smiling ironically in front of everyone : "You are too smart to be American although you sound like you cannot be american.I wonder where you come from". I thought that he would loose his words...
Instead of losing his, I lost mine when he replied
" You sound too silly to be Greek although you look like. You cannot be Greek"

Do you believe in love by first line? In marriage by first line maybe?

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Ok, this ain't exactly original, but in the famous words of Joey Tribiani, "hey, how yoo doin'?". and probably the cutest in a wierd way, is this one, you walk up to someone and say excuse me, you've got a beep on your nose, and if they say what ?, you poke their nose and say beep, if they laugh, you've made a friend, but if they don't, you should apologize.
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A Spanish chat up line (that they never actually use. .); Girl, you are more dangerous than a pirana in a bidet!
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My favorite (and the only one who has used it on me is my hubby) :D is-

"If I compliment your body will you hold it against me?"

Trick question, there!! :D:D:D
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One I remember from long ago is to walk up to a woman sitting at a bar and to say miss you must be from Tennessee cause your the only 10 I see in here......................................
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A client in a restaurant was continually bothering the waiter.First,he would ask for the air conditioning to be turned up because he felt hot, then he asked the same waiter for the air...con..to be turned down,because he felt toocold,and so on for about half an hour.
Surprisingly, the waiter was very patient.:cool:
He went back and forth without showimg any sign of anger.:cool:So finally,another customer asked the patient waiter WHY DON T YOU THROW THAT CREEP OUT:D :D OH!!!!!lET HIM BE, SAID THE WAITER WITH A SMILE We dont t even have an air - conditioner in here:cool: :cool: :cool:

Austin:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
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my boyfriend Andy plays hockey. Durring his game one of his team mates mas talking to one of my other guy friends who just happens to be friends with Andy overheard this other guy talking about me. Supposedly i have an "onion butt" cause it made him wanna cry... whatever... haha

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It makes sense to me now, why my sister, Melina, is such an ice-hockey fan... She doesn't miss a game!!

Ice hockey players are like onions.

:cool: :cool: :cool:

PS April I already phone to all my girlfriends to pass them the onion line! We are looking forward to meet for a drink to deliver it
:beer: :crazy:
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I was wondering.

Do girls or women in the States tease men with smart little phrases , Lines as you call them ?

Or it is something that only men do??

My interest in strictly anthropological of course... :p

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From what I've seen, the boys use the lines and the girls use the body language. Can't imagine why a woman would want to use a line unless it was drenched in sarcasm!

But stranger things have happened...
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Hmmm I see.

So women play the fish in the States. In Greece they give sweet lines, no sarcasm.

I just needed to know, although I am going to live in the State of New York where according to an old but still in use law, flirting is forbidden...I think you pay a 20$ fineif they catch you...
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but wouldn't it be worth it of the policeman to fine you was handsome and sweet? ;)
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Man, am I out of the loop, I haven't had to use lines with woman in over 20 years!!;) :eek:
I got to get off my duff and think of some lines:lips:

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