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    Cook At Home
    Name's Kevin and I'm here to learn and make friends. I'm 31 and have until recently only cooked to survive as a bachelor. I now have to cook more often so I am looking to expand myself in this manner. Other than cooking, I enjoy my 6" reflector telescope, xbox 360, and following my sports teams. I look forward to having conversations with you all. :)
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    I Just Like Food
    Aloha and welcome Kevin!

    I think that you will find that Chelf Talk is great place to learn more about the culinary world. 

    There are members from all around the world here and it’s a lot of fun to exchange ideas about, say pasta with someone who is in Italy!! 

    Enjoy the forums, except the Professionals ones, that’s read only for you and me who are not employed in the food biz, but it can be exciting stuff.   Check out the articles, pictures and reviews, they’re pretty cool too.  Post your own stuff too!!

    Mostly, Kevin have a good time, I do.
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