Hey all,

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Stumbled upon this forum while reading up on some cooking knives.  Nice to see other people in the same line of work as me with many of the same interests and passions.  Hope to get to know you guys better, thanks for having me!
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You're quite welcome, CookinMT. We have a lively mix of pros and home cooks, with forums dedicated to pros. Have a look at the knife contest! http://www.cheftalk.com/forum/thread/61517/win-this-set-of-knives#post_318994

We've got some great conversations with interesting people; check the archives to read discussions with the likes of Bruce Aidell, Rick Bayless, Sara Moulton, and many more. There are cooking articles, equipment and cookbook reviews, wikis, photo gallery and more. I hope you participate in the discussions, but don't miss these excellent opportunities to pick up a different idea or discover a new method.

I hope we see you often. Welcome!

Joined Aug 3, 2010
Thanks for the welcome, Mezzaluna. By the way, that's a pretty daring signature for a moderator! :D
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Oh,all of you are Professional food cooking or the career about the cooking.I am a IT professionals , but I like cooking food, I am a man . I am happy to know you.
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