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Hello all! My name is Maryanne, I'm a 16 year old high school student with a passion for pastry and baking. I most deffinitely want to go to a good university for pastry and baking to get a degree. My big goal in life is to own and opperate my own bake shop. My question is which scool is better: Le Cordon Bleu (in US) or Johnson and Whales? Lots of comments with lots of different oppinions would be awesome /img/vbsmilies/smilies//biggrin.gif
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Hello, Maryanne! Welcome to ChefTalk.

In terms of your question, you may want to do some investigative research. Specifically, talk to current and former students to get their perspective. Also, given the investment needed for a post-secondary education, I would strongly suggest you visit the campuses of each school. There may be some aspects that you simply like better than others. If you need other assistance, I would also talk with your guidance counselor at your high school. They should be able to put you in contact with an admissions' rep from the schools.

Good luck with your new adventure in education!
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My personal recommendation is neither. The name associated with them is gonna cost you a fortune. I go to a community college and we just had a graduate win 2nd place in Vegas and get invited to compete in LA... This is his first national competition. I would recommend you look into the merits of some less expensive schools. Our graduates have routinely schooled JWU graduates in the kitchen... and I have personally done so as well.... before I started culinary school. It would also depend on which campus your going to. 
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