Here's a "What if" question

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First off a blessed Easter and Happy Passover to everyone.
I've often pondered what others would think of this question. I would hope I can get a few non professionals to answer to understand the thinking process of others.

Here goes.....
If you were put in a kitchen to cook and you were given the choice of only 2 knives.
What two would you choose?
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Home use, a good chefs and 6" utility with narrow (3/4") height blade, kinda like a stiff fillet knife. It best suites the typical prep work I do.
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Blessed holidays to all.

That’s exactly what’s happening... I brought a 10-inch chef and 6-inch utility Sabatier... and a F Dick multicut steel.

EDIT: oh, and a ham slicer... a 12-inch carbon steel from the19th century.
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The 10 in chef that the farmer smuggled out when I politely asked him to hand over his house key.
I loved that knife.
The other ?
7 in utility.

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I went through my knife collection and found that the ones I use most often are a smallish Global GS3 and my Carbonext chef's knife (think it is the 24 cm, beautiful knife with an ugly name)
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Personally for me, I would be happy with a 10" Chef's and a boning knife. I can use the boning knife to peel and clean small stuff while still having it to bone-out meats, poultry, and fish.
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All I need is a chefs knife for most of the bulk chopping. Everything else, like trimming and cleaning and small tasks and deboning can be done by a petty. I almost exclusively just use those two at home, and i cook for 5 people everyday.
I'm a non professional by the way. Just a college student
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I just looked at the 2 most used ones of my knives and I was going to make a remark that those are not the preferred one when butchering....
So, after chefross chefross remark: I need to change to my carbonext chef's knife and my boning knife (no idea about brand. Could be victorinox)

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