Here we go again!!!

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Dad: Son what do you want to be when you grow up?
Son:Dad I want to grow up and be the type of lawyer that tries to make a name for himself with ridiculous law suits. I want to represent the poor people who are incapable of reading a label on food and figuring out what's good for them or not.
Dad:Good choice son! A sleazy way to get wealthy but hey the odds are better than the lottery!


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What a dope. Fat is fat, eat too much and you'll clog your plumbing anyway. Wonder if he'd drink a gallon olive oil if it had no tranfats.

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No, we aren't a litigious society!:rolleyes:

Perhaps a warning label on ALL foods would help prevent lawsuits...

"Warning: The Chef has determined this burger to be full of juicy goodness - consumer should use caution as to not squirt yourself, or those around you, with meat flavoring"

"Caution: The salad you are about to consume may contain flavor and should, therefore, only be consumed in moderation. Consult your physician prior to lettuce exposure."

"Notice: The Surgeon General has found eating, in some states, to be hazardous to your health. Please exercise extreme caution and wire your jaw shut before you jam pack Oreos into your belly."
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This is about as bad as the girl who is suing her local school board and district, because she is an honor student and they are making her be a co-valedictorian at her graduation instead of the valedictorian, her argument, she is intelectually superior to her co-valedictorian(s), and being seen giving a public speech with these student(s) will hurt her chances of going to a good university. I heard this story on my local radio station.
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