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. I am the owner / chef of a restaurant in the UK and always looking for new ideas. Plus we've got a new baby so the brain is out of gear at the moment.:confused: Please check out the restaurant website and you'll find out a bit more about us.
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NEW BABY!!! How wonderful. That's nature's way of letting you know you've been getting too much sleep :)
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Welcome to Chef Talk, Alan! I hope you have time to stop by often, between your job and 2 a.m. feedings.

It's been ages since I visited Northern England, and it was long before the cuisine began to blossom. What do you like to prepare? What local products are available? I'd love to hear.

After you tell us more about yourself, please visit the other forums and enjoy our discussions there. We'll look forward to your posts.
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Glad to meet you, Alan. Would love to hear about some of your favorite recipes too.
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Welcome aboard! And many, many congratulations. We make for good company when you are up late and looking for something to do... other than sleep.
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