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    I need ideas for things I can grow in the garden this late in the year now that the weather is starting to cool off ... I know I can plant mustard greens but I really don't know that much about what to grow for late summer and fall weather .... I grew up in a family that grew a garden every year until the time I was about 13 and due to a loss in the family we stopped growing a garden so I am clueless as to what I can grow late in the year.

    Any and all suggestions/help will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance
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    Highlander, the list is extensive. A lot depends on your first frost date, which, iirc, is in late October where you are.

    That being the case, think in terms of varieties whose growth to maturity is 60 days or less. That would certainly include all hardy greens (mustard, turnip, kale, arugala, etc.), most lettuces, radishes, and some varieties of English peas. In addition, there are varieties of both turnips and beets that still have time to mature.

    Six-week beans mature in only 43 days, and you certainly can get a crop of them. And you might be able to harvest cowpeas as well.