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Discussion in 'Cooking Knife Reviews' started by culinarian247, Feb 28, 2002.

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    I just got a set of Henckels from my brother-in-law (awful nice of the kid). I don't know which line it is. To describe the chef knife: it's 8 inches with a full bolster. The name on the side says "J.A. Henckel International" This is a link to what the logo looks like here. It's the one with the "bent" arm.
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    Wow, pretty generous gift :bounce:. Anyhow, sounds to me like you got the 5 STAR one. A very good line. Here's a bit of info on it.

    The development of the *****FIVE STAR knives involved professional chefs. The result is very special: Ergonomics in this case, takes the shape of these outstandingly designed handles which prevent tiring - even after several hours of "slaving over a hot stove".
    No compromise concerning sharpness, these are the hallmarks of professional knives for the future.

    Have you noticed how beautiful they look?

    Handle material: synthetic (polypropylene)
    SCT process
    hand guard (bolster)
    FRIODUR®, ice-hardened
    Blades made from stainless, special recipe steel
    laser controlled sharpness
    dishwasher safe
    (see document: "How to care for your knives" for details)

    Optimum ergonomics stand for comfortable use.