Helping Flood Victums

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If anyone here is from the Ontario region, then you know about the major flooding of Peterborough that happend roughly 2 weeks ago during massive rain. A lot of people's homes were flooded including a co-worker of mine who's daughter was coming back from her studies in Vancouver. A few hours ago, the state of emergency was lifted and most of the volunteers had left for home, less those from the Red Cross and Salvation army.

The province has $5 million in disaster and relief funds for the city of 74,000 as each flood victum will recieve a government cheque of $500 since insurance will not cover damages done "by the act of god". Donations are still coming in and a fund raiser relief concert is going to be held.

Once my next paycheck comes in, I'm donating $100 through


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Insurance will cover it if you buy the right riders. But yes, you must buy the right stuff. And renters should get insurance too.
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