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My boyfriend is an executive chef at a casual restaurant but does some upscale catering and specials from time to time. He has a set of Wustoff (??) knives that he uses daily and allows his line cooks to use as well. He wants a nice chef knife for Christmas but I'm clueless as to what kind, size, all that. I'm a nurse and went to nursing school. I don't know anything about knives and he just said to pick a nice one.

He's a big guy with big hands so I know he probably would need one with a nice size handle but that's all I know and I don't really know if that makes a difference or not.

I just need some help!!!!! I want to surprise him with a knife that he's gonna think is awesome and be a little impressed with what I got him. I wanna spend around $200. Idk if that's even doable. Help!!!!!!!!!
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There's good stuff to be found under $200 for sure!

Chefs knives come in a few sizes.  210mm (8" ish), 240mm (10" ish), 270mm (12" ish) are the usual options

For prep cooks I recommend 270mm because it makes prep faster.  As the executive chef, he probably does the managing and ordering more than prep where a longer knife really comes in handy.   240mm is a good all around size.  210mm is better for a 'line knife' for last minute cutting and plating.  The shorter size doesn't get in the way on the line, on the other hand it is too short for some tasks.  

Handle is subjective.  I mostly don't notice one way or the other or if I do, I dont' care unless it's very boxy square shaped or uncomfortable. 

For someone new to japanese knives coming from heavier, softer, german steel, you don't want something too thin or brittle or they'll chip it.  That's the price of better cutting performance.  This one is a great gift, comes with a saya, awesome packaging gift wrap:

The majority of Japanese knives only have a basic rudimentary edge and it's left to the user to really put on their edge. If you pick this one, call and ask Jon to sharpen it before shipping.  

Korin has a 15% off sale all month, and JCK also has holiday sales.  JCK has free shipping, Korin does free initial sharpening.
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Thank you so much!!!! I've tried to look and research and it's been overwhelming to someone that doesn't know anything about chef knives!!
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