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    :eek: will someone, anyone please help me figure out how to extern in italy?! like what hotels in italy offer externship programs, or what websites i should go to to figure it out. i am desperate please help.
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    Are you the same guy that asked this question in the school forum? Didn't like my answer, huh?

    If not, here is the review:

    1) Learn Virtually no one in kitchens in Italy speaks anything but.....even in Michelin rated places. Spanish won't help you.

    2) If your school or chef has no contacts you are not completely screwed. Buy the Guida Rossa (Michelin Red Guide, Italy) and start faxing, emailing and calling. There are several hundred Michelin star rated establishments in Italy. See step 1. Prepare to be ignored, in Italian.

    3) Externships are called ''stages''. They are common in the higher end places. Once you have one down, and did not completely screw up, the next ones are easy because the stagier network is vast.

    4) Each house has different policies regarding stages: length of time, experience required, housing, etc. Some 2 and 3 star places require a year, some places will let you in for a month or so. Positions are prized enough that the winner of a recent Iron Chef type contest in England got........a stage in Spain. Three weeks in a tiny dorm room with three other dudes, 15 1/2 hour days, five and a half days a week. But they did work him through every station in the kitchen.

    5) You don't get paid. Once in the door, buckle down. It will be insanely competitive.