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I need to know from all chefs that teach school if you had to go to some other kind of in order to teach?? like college or something because i want to teach culinary when i graduate either at a technical highschool or maybe some kind of home economics teacher.please help i'm so confused...
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Hi Redsoxfan. You came to the right place to learn more about culinary professions.

I am moving your question to the Chef Talk forum, as the professionals you're seeking are more likely to see it there. Here in the Welcome Forum we introduce ourselves.

We hope you'll visit all the forums and get acquainted with all this community has to offer.

Incidentally, I am a public school teacher and know you'd need to go to college and get a teaching degree if you're going to teach in a public school (usually middle school or high school). In some states the position is called Family and Consumer Education (FACE), and includes more than only cooking. Here in Wisconsin, teacher candidates must work for 1000 hours (I think) in a food service setting to be certified. It isn't the old Home Ec of years gone by, that's for sure. Technical school certification (post-high school) is somewhat different, but you still have to be a certified teacher for those positions in most states. Again, each state is different. I recommend contacting your state Department of Education or whatever it's called in Connecticut.

Good luck!

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