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HELP! I was watching the show Iron Chef on the Food Network about
2 months ago with my boyfriend and he saw these really cool pans on there.
They were more like a saute/frying pan, a typical silver color and couldn't
have even been 1/2 inch high and only 4-5 inches across. He was really
excited about them and said he could use them for serving even. Any
information that you can get me about them would be greatly appreciated.
I'd like to get them for him as a gift, but have no idea where to start
looking. PLEASE HELP!
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They sound like crepe pans. Maybe you could search for them. Here's what Williams-Sonoma has, among others.

And here's another source.

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Skirch, I've moved your question to the Equipment board, because that's what it's all about. ;)

Do you remember which Iron Chef episode it was? Maybe someone else who saw it would be able to add more information, or might even know what the pans are.
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