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    Japanese water stone sharpening is by far the better way, but those manual wheel sharpeners are decent enough, and won't do serious damage like the powered versions do if not used very carefully.

    None of us has ever used or seen reviews for the following, but I am fairly sure they are easily worth the money, and you could be the first to review one for us. You can also easily get the shop owner on the line. I've spoken with him and feel he is very legit in what he says, and you can ask him how the Fisher Bargoin Zen line compares to other knives he sells. Fisher Bargoin is a well known line in France, and uses superior stainless alloys in comparison to the crap most European companies typically use.

    Then there are the typical standbys like fujiwara fkm, Tojiro DP and MAC BK-80. Personally, I'd try the Zen if looking in your price range. Either that or a Masahiro basic carbon Gyuto if you didn't mind dealing with carbon.