Help with talking to vendors.

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Thank you for joining us on the forum, I've been a long time fan of Molto Mario and hope to be visiting Babbo in the near future.

How do you suggest we go about building a relationship with various vendors if you're a home cook?  I'm a little intimidated to talk to butchers, fish mongers, cheese mongers, etc.  I have full intent to talk to them and ask questions while I'm there and then the words come out and it sounds like I don't know what I'm talking about.  Please shed some light on this.
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The best way to get to know your vendors is to tell them what you cook, what you cook with, and what you need, and to ask them what they like and what they use. Listen to what they say. Every vendor wants to know what their customer wants, and if the customer talks to them, they will get to know you and what your needs are as well.
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