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I this lady that want me to Cater a Graduation party! She has not given me a hard number of people who will be attending! She say only a few, but she is wanting a Pot of Gumbo, Salad, Wings with My Sauce I make that you can not buy out of a Store, some Garlic bread and Dippin sauce! She wants to keep the price around 5-6 hundred dollars!
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If she cant or wont give you a guaranteed number of people, then you can "work it backwards" 

and figure out how many people you CAN serve for 600.00, and tell her that is the maximum 

number of guests. 

But in my opinion I would not give her a price until she knew how many would be attending.
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This is not an unusual request in my area.

Sounds like a group of peeps are having a party and just want a few dishes to flesh out the buffet, (aunt Sally is bringing a huge sub and the next door neighbor is bringing something else you get it)
Your customer may not have time or the knowledge to do a gumbo and really loves your wings so wants to have them there as well.
Prolly gonna pour yours into their pot and take it from there lol..... not necessarily to act like they made it....just likes to use their own serving dishes.

The no RSVP fits right in with this sort of "do".
When everything is eaten then that part of the fun is over (but since everyone will show up with a dish in hand this is unlikely to happen) lol.

Not every job is charged out as ppp......
Charge by the gallon or per number of apps per dozen or pound ... don't forget the extra for your dipping sauces..


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