Help with Peter Gilmore's Snow Egg recipe

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    On the weekend, I was trying to do Peter Gilmore's Snow Egg recipe (except I used lychees and strawberries, instead of guavas, which aren't in season):

    Recipe: Peter Gilmore's Snow Egg - RN First Bite - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
    Quay's guava snow egg recipe | Gourmet Traveller recipe - Gourmet Traveller

    The two stages I'm having trouble with are the poached mergingue, and the maltose tuilles.

    1. Poached Meringues

    For the meringues, I used these 6cm hemisphere moulds:

    Half Sphere Silicone Baking Mould 60MM - D-003 - Novelty Tins and Pans - Cake Tins and Pans - Cake

    I whisked the egg whites, then added in the sugar. I then used a spoon to scoop them into the moulds.

    I don't have a baine marie, so I used a Pyrex baking dish, and filled it with 1-2 cm of water (not boiling). The moulds were new so they did curl a bit at the edges - so I wasn't able to get the water up that high, otherwise it'd overflow over the top.

    I baked them for 15 minutes at 120C - still not done, so I left them in there for a bit longer.

    What I found was that the top rose, and baked (as in, went hard), and then the inside was still mushy/foamy.

    Even after nearly an hour - the bottom still hadn't really set at all - it was nearly impossible to get them to come out cleanly.

    My partner mentioned possibly pipetting them into the moulds instead of using a spoon - don't know if that was the issue.

    Any other suggestions?

    2. Maltose Tuilles
    Ok, this was a bit of a

    So the maltose was ridiculously hard to pour, possibly should have put in boiling water to soften a bit.

    But I got it out, probably a touch more than 200g - maybe 220g.

    I heated it in a copper-based pan with the sugar. The Gourmet Traveller recipe said 140 C - I tried to keep it around there - but it went a bit over, possibly to 150-160 C. Added the almonds, then poured out onto some baking paper.

    The issue was - it seemed to say quite gooey, even after 30 minutes.

    I put it in the freezer for a short period, just to chill it a bit - and that seemed to harden the praline somewhat.

    Then I put it into a blender to get the powder. It whizzed through for a few seconds - however, then it seemed to revert back into gooey-ness, and actually seemed to jam up the blender.

    So basically, I wasn't able to process it into the fine powder they mention, because the praline wasn't hard.

    Any thoughts?

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    The description in your link says the molds are 600mm, but I'm assuming that's a typo? Otherwise that would be 60cm, not 6cm. 

    In any case all ovens are different. Meringues need to dry, so that could mean opening the door of the oven once in a while to let the steam escape. Also I've never made meringues in 15mn in my oven. More like several hours at super low temperature. I would recommend you try to leave them even longer than what you did, it sounds to me like they're simply undercooked/not dry enough.