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I have an chef diploma and after my school I had work experience for 5-6 months and after that I have now worked for 4 months and will quit this job for a new one (better restaurant) but I'm thinking about to study and be a pastry chef because I really liked it when I had my work experience during school but it was only for 4 weeks I had the opportunity to try it out.

So now I'm looking for a school that is good but not to expensive.

I want the program not to be more than 1 year and not to cost more than 20 000$ prefer less ^^

anywhere in the world as long its a safe place to live. 

also want the school to have a campus so I don't need to look for a apartment etc

the goal is to work at a 4-5* hotel when I'm done and I would prefer in Asia if that helps

I live in Sweden so only speak Swedish and English 

thanks for the help!
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Just saying... having a chef diploma or whatever that is doesnt actually make you a chef. If anything it gives you the chance to prove you are a capable cook. 

As for the subject at hand, you could go to pastry school, but usually cooking schools aren´t cheap. 

If you only want to study for a year, wouldn´t getting an internship or entry level position at a bakery or restaurant working with pastries and desserts give you some experience, maybe even enough to get you better jobs in the pastry field?!

You want something cheap and not over year, then go get a job or opportunity in the field, it´s free, you will learn, and make some money. 

Of course i´m only giving you my opinion and what i would most likely do in the given situation. 

Now if you want to study, and you´re willing to make some sacrifices, pay a good deal, and learn a lot in a longer period of time search up some pastry schools in your country, some schools in Asia, etc.. 

Im pretty sure there´s an LCB in Hong Kong and in Japan as well as other schools around your country and in Asia with great programs. 

Maybe they aren´t the cheapest around but who knows. 

Search up ome trade schools, vocational schools, community colleges, apprenticeship programs, they could be cheaper/free and have some good advantages. 

Also i would like to advise that going to school and obtaining a diploma won´t make you a pastry chef. Being a pastry chef is more then a piece of paper, and is definitely more then learning how to bake cakes and work with sugar. Certain things can take you years to master, constant trial and error and constant learning, everything in this industry is like that. So one year in school won´t guarantee you a chef/pastry chef title. 

Anyway don´t knock down the idea of obtaining a job in the field. Even if you are getting a formal education somewhere working in the business gives you great hands on practice/experience. 
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Off topic question, I have work at the place I'm at now for about a year. I have done mostly dishes but other kitchen jobs aswell. I just start my chef apprenticeship a couple days ago I I'm still doing the same jobs? (Just dishes and other stuff) should I be working more with the other chef apprentice?
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Hi again

been contactning some different le cordon bleu schools and found out Tokyo have a 3 month course in pastry (instead of 9 and 6 month like rest of le cordon bleu offer)

anyone know if Tokyo is good? 

this is what they told me they will learn out:

basic pastry

Core Units
This course is designed to provide
students with a strong foundation
on which to build their Pastry skills
and knowledge. Students will be
introduced to the key ingredients
used in Pastry and progressively
learn various combinations,
properties, and applications which
are essential for working in the
Core Objectives
• Demonstrate basic patisserie
preparations and baking techniques
 - Knife skills
 - Piping techniques
 - Palette knife techniques
 - Fabricate basic ingredients (ex.
praline, fondant, syrup)
 - Elementary sugar cooking
 - Tart production techniques
 - tart production techniques
 - Basic pastry doughs (ex. short
crust, shortbread, choux and puff
 - Basic yeast work
 - Basic ice-cream and sorbet
 - Basic entremets skills
 - Basic pastry creams
 - Elementary chocolate techniques
 - Marzipan shaping techniques
• Identify basic French Pastry terms
• Follow health safety and hygiene
• Develop personal kitchen
organization and management skills

Intermediate pastry

Core Units
Intermediate Pastry introduces
students to more complex recipes
including regional French pastries
and cakes, as they build upon the
skills and knowledge acquired in
Basic Pastry. Students will continue
to gain confidence and work more
instinctively, and also learn to work
with machines. The artistic skills of
students are also developed as they
prepare and decorate a variety of
French pastries.
Core Objectives
• Implement all the basic techniques
learned and apply them to
fundamental advanced Pastry and
Bakery preparation techniques
 - Developing piping techniques
 - Elementary entremet decoration
 - Introduction to sugar work
 - Viennoiserie (ex. brioche,
 - Petit fours baking skills
developing chocolate skills
 - Classical French entremets (ex.
Opera, Fraisier)
 - Regional French gâteaux
 - Petit Gâteaux
 - Usage of machines
 - Confectionary
• Follow health, safely and hygiene
• Extrapolate personal kitchen
organization and management skills

Superior pastry

Core Units
The Superior Pastry combines all the
knowledge, techniques and artistic
skills of the basic and intermediate
levels as students are encouraged to
strive for excellence in their pastry
skills. There is a strong emphasis on
developing artistic flair as students
learn chocolate and sugar
decorations and apply them to their
own creations.
Core Objectives
• Advanced Pastry techniques
 - Chocolate centerpiece skills
 - Chocolate tempering techniques
 - Confectionary and moulded
 - Hot and cold plated desserts
 - Artistic sugar work
 - Decoration and presentation
including pastillage
 - Entremets design and
 - Creative petit gateau (ex. Verrine)
• Meet health, safety and hygiene
• Establish personal kitchen
organization and management skills

is it something important missing?

not sure if i want to work with desserts in a bigger hotel or open my own buissnes with only pastry. would i be able to do that with this education?

know Janice Wong studied in Paris and do something like she work with would be freaking awsome! 

best regards
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Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone got accepted for the September 2017 intensive Pastry program at Ferrandi?

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