Help with outside raw bar concept!

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Help.....I need suggestions, answers and resources! The restaurant where I am part of the management team is going to start an outside raw bar.....fresh seafood raw or steamed on our deck featuring beer,cocktails and frozen drinks. There is nothing like this in the area and I do think there will be a market for it but we need help getting started. I live along the Grand Stand of South Carolina and as far as I know we don't have anything thing like this in the area. Any ideas.....advice....hints....names of other places in the southeast that do the outside raw bar concept so I could talk to them or visit their site. We will be looking for Help.
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From a former Charlestonian - check out A.W. Shucks in Charleston; or some of the places in Mt. Pleasant. Haven't lived in SC since Hugo, so I don't know the newer places that have sprouted up, but I do know Shucks used to do that. Sounds like a fun idea!


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One thing that I have seen to often at such places is that everyone remembers the importance of keeping everything well iced, but lots of people forget about shade. A tent or awning. This is just as important. Ice won't do much good if you have your items sitting under the full force of the sun.
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My advice is bring the health inspector in right from the get-go. Make him/her your friend and partner in making this thing work.

Also, make sure all the seafood you serve is from right there. It's silly to fly in New England clams & lobsters and Hawaiian mahi when your own fishermen need the business.
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Food inspector = first point of reference. No matter what you do, it needs to pass inspection and even if some of the instructions look superfluous, you need to work within these limits to open the raw bar in the first place. Also, if the instructions seem "less than important," they might be the ones you overlook.

My guesses:

1) Covered
2) UNLIMITED supply of ice
3) Good drainage
4) Sanitation (bleach solution, etc.)
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I will aslo say that sanitation is an absoulute must. Set up a HACCP system and follow it religiously.

Lots of ice (small crushed variety) I will be willing to bet that 75% of what you sell will be oysters on the half shell!!

I live in SE Georgia, on the coast. Get your fresh seafood locally if you can. It helps everyone in the long run.

It will work, as long as you keep on top of the sanitation part of the buisness. No one wants to eat at a place that smells like a seafood dock, and being in the SE you know how hot it gets in summer!!!

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