Help with ordering quantities please....

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Does anyone have an idea of the quantities that I  should order for cheese trays for 60  (ie pounds of cheese needed and # of crackers needed) This is strictly for an hour reception after a film preview.  Thank you!
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I'll step in to this.

I usually figure a 2oz portion per person. So for you that works out to be @7.5 lbs. When I make a cheese plate I'll usually go for  good Cheddar, then some sort of affine-finished soft cheese (like Brie), a goat cheese and blue cheese.

As for crackers I figure 5-6 per person.

Remember this is only a guideline.

Have a great time and I hope your event comes off all 10's!

Let me know how it turns out.

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One hour for 60 ppl a couple of oz minimum.
Crackers as above and I like to switch things up and add in a bowl of baguette rounds, toasted or not, to go with the spreadable choices.
May or may not need to up the quantity for the peeps who will invariably pile it on (those little spreading knives are not a caterers best friend) like you took them on to raise.

One other tip ignore if you want but for that number and amt of time I would do up 2-3 trays and put at different locations.
Otherwise the sheep will be three deep at the table and when they have to wait to get at the grub there will be a few who fill it up only to toss the extra.


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You may want to have a plate of gluten free crackers and maybe a bowl of hummus for your vegan and gluten-free attendees.

Good luck!


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