Help with mustard allergy

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My sister was in my kitchen today and the smell of baking beans was driving her crazy - but she can't eat them because she has an anaphylactic allergic reaction to mustard (her throat closes up and she can't breathe).

There has to be some kind of combination of flavors that would give the tang and faint heat of dry mustard without killing my sister.  Anybody got an idea?  Perhaps some kind of vinegar with a little pepper??  Help??

Thanks in advance


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Maybe a dash of white wine vinegar combined with just a pinch of dried chili flakes?

After all, good mustard is nothing else than vinegar + mustardseeds + salt.

Mind you, the longer the flakes cook the hotter they get. Putting them in at the end of the cooking time brings a less sharper taste.

You could use an even smaller pinch of cayenne pepper instead of chili flakes. Note; my idea of "a pinch" is something you can easily hold between your index finger and your thumb, absolutely nothing more. Just to say that other people may have a whole different notion of the concept "pinch".

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