Help with Mom's Cinnamon Rolls.....

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I have my mother's cinnamon roll recipe and I've made them several times but each time I make them and they cook they go flat afterwards.

When I say flat, I mean that the center falls.   I cook 12 rolls per cake pan.

I make up the dough, let it rise, knead it down, let it rise, and then roll them out.

once in the pan I let them rise again.

Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong....

I'd like to have one pan that turns out just right, all of them the same height and golden brown, etc.


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I would suggest you roll your dough tighter.  Your dough looks very  loose, next time pull/stretch the dough as you roll. Hope this helps.

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I think generally if the center falls the dough may have risen too much.  You want to let it rise till if you press it lightly it leaves a dent but doesn;t deflate. 

I would also put them in a smaller pan, so they are a little closer together, not much.  They would press together and stay higher.  If you roll them tighter as cakeface suggests, i think that would be even more important. 
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Not only roll tighter but put on a 1/2 sheet pan and not a roast pan with sides. The high sides will prohibit even browning of buns. 
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