Help with lean stew (meat & veggies)

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As mentioned in my introduction thread (

I'm on a low carb meat & veggies diet.  While I've been successful so far, I'm always looking for new things to eat.  I want to cook a high protein/high fiber low carb stew.  I did one around 2 weeks ago, but it was pretty simple (chicken,green beans, carrots, a little broccoli) and the key was to make it pretty spicy. On a scale to 10, heat around 7.

I'm looking for new ways to incorporate the following

Green Beans
Chicken Breast
Steak or Fish

I'm mainly looking for ideas to add some heat and experience some different tastes of seasonings to make this a delicious stew.  Any recipes and ideas would be GREATLY appreciated
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Why not cook Indian dishes?  Lots of heat, low on meat and lots and lots of veggies!
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Why not cook Indian dishes?  Lots of heat, low on meat and lots and lots of veggies!

I was actually zoned in on Google not too long ago looking for some dishes like that. I found one that sounds and looks interesting Fragrant Indian Beef Stew. If anyone has had this before, please comment on what you thought


I had a delicious Ehtiopian dish called kitfo a couple of days ago. It's made out of minced beef, sometimes with chopped collards and soft cheese mixed in. Traditionally it's sometimes served without cooking the meat but I asked for mine cooked. It had a lot of spice kick to it. Served with a variety of bean-based vegetarian side dishes, it was a really delicious high protein and fiber meal. I avoided the flat injira bread so it was low carb as well. I have been told however that the dish contains quite a bit of butter.
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that sounds good.  I'll talk to a friend of mine whose family owns an ethiopian restaurant about that dish.

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I would suggest that you make a very rich veal stock. There are plenty of  recipes and processes to make it, but it will add an AMAZING amount of flavor. I would also blend up some of the beans to thicken up the sauce for that stew consistency. As for heat... are you really looking for heat, or mostly the flavor of the heat?

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