Help With Ginger Chicken Recipe

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A few years ago we had a Chinese buffet in my town, it has now since closed, but I loved their ginger chicken.  I was small pieces of chicken that looked almost as if they were burnt and ii was coated with a thick glaze.  Does anyone know how to make this?  I have done some internet research and found that there is a dish called three cup chicken.  I don't know if this is the same type that was served in the restaurant, but when I google pictures of the three cup chicken it looks nothing like what I used to eat.  Thank you
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given that its Chinese buffet, its likely that others doing the same food maybe getting supplies from the same place, so check with local (city) suppliers of Asian products.

also consider going around and asking if anyone knew who or where the chef/cook is, you might get lucky to get a contact number and ask a bit more like how do they make it look burnt, or what style of sauce, or where the dish comes from.

without a picture of it, and given that it was named ginger chicken but then your researching 3 cup chicken I'm a bit confused what you are actually looking for.
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