Help with finding a Chef or getting ideas from a chef without taking idea

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Hi Guys

So glad I found this website, I have many questions to ask but can't seem to find people who I know that can help or that I can trust. 

I'm looking to open up a business, well actually one of two businesses, both in food.

I'm a complete foodie and have always wanted to own my own restaurant/bakery. I currently own a Subway franchise in the UK but am looking to go into something of my own. 

Even though I'm pretty good a cooking, I'm not restaurant material yet! I am starting to test some recipes out but I want to find a chef to bounce some ideas off and have some help with recipes or even work at my business, but I'm worried that somebody would steal my idea and do it for themselves. Is there a way to get someone to sign an agreement so that they will not take your idea?

I was wondering if anybody else has had this issue and how they got around it? I have a friend who owns a restaurant who helped me find the location and mentioned that students who are at cooking school are a great start for asking for help. Is that a good idea?

Apart from the guy I know, I don't have any other chef friends to ask for ideas!

Any help would be appreciated. 


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