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Hello everyone. I have an ingredients list and have little idea on what to do with them. Needless to say this is part of the challenge. Everything in the list must be used, not necessarily in it's full amount. There can be more than one dish in this list. For example, the basil, parmesan and walnuts are probably for a pesto sauce. The rest of the list is still puzzling my head. Any help is appreciated.

Eggs 15 un

Potato 500gr

Onion 220gr

Olive Oil 250ml

Butter 200gr

Parsley 1/4 un

Salt 40gr

Black Pepper 20gr

walnuts 60 gr

sage 5 un

green apple 1 un

crackers 50gr

parmesan cheese 60 gr

tomato 400gr

garlic 30 gr

soy oleo 50ml

basil 1/4 un

chicken broth 300ml
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I immediately thought of quiche with sage potatoes, apples, and oven dried tomatoes topped with a dollop of pesto, except no cream, otherwise everything could be used to produce a quiche. Possibly a variation on chawan mushi (a Japanese steamed savory custard), using the chicken stock in place of the dashi and serving it on a baked crust bisquit and topped a dollop of pesto.
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Yeah @chefbuba that was kinda my thoughts as well, either that or a way intensive scenario question presented in an interview to a potential employee. :~)

Definitely would be a weed out technique!
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