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    Hi, Im baking a birthday cake for my sisters 16th Birthday, she has always wanted a two tiered professional looking construction but as those cost a bomb and I love baking I decided i would try my best. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/smile.gif

    Ive decided on two tiers, both sponge, and both without royal icing /sugar paste as we hate both :p 

    bottom tier will be a vertical layer cake made out of carrot cake and chocolate cake, covered in a chocolate ganache, then decorated with various words and pictures i piped in white chocolate earlier. 

    The second tier will then be a Mojito Cake (she loves lemon and mint- and you bake out all the white rum) with a lemon buttercream around the outside, piped to look like roses (snail starting from the inside with a star shaped piping bag).

    Ive made all the components before and so am not worried about making the two cakes, and though I'm sure they'd look lovely individually, the girl wants tiers :/ 

    My problem is that I'm not sure how to put the two together without ruining the decoration on either one. If I put the iced mojito cake on top of the ganache-ed cake, how do i not ruin the roses as i try to slip it on perfectly in the centre, and alternatively, how to I ice the bottom row of roses without squirting buttercream all over the ganache? 

    She loves fashion and flowers so Im 100% happy with the design, a delicate, girly, impressive but not over the top cake, but I'm so scared that ill have made the two most gorgeous things I've ever made and then ruin them at the last hurdle. 

    Please help, and if at all possible ASAP, her birthday is fast approaching :p

    Thanks so much