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I got my recipe for buttercream off the side of the box of confectionary sugar, and it came out tooth-achingly sweet.  So sweet, you really couldn't even have too much of it.  Filling the middle of the cake with more than a millimeter of this would be deadly.  Does anyone have any good buttercream recipes that will be sweet, but you'll actually be able to eat a decent amount of it in the cake? Thanks!
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Swiss and Italian buttercreams take a fair amout of practice to learn but the results are well worth it. Light, smooth and rich....not cloying at all.
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You should subtract about half a cup from your recipe and try it out. If it's still too sugary take out more. Also, adding half a teaspoon of vanilla extract makes it have a really good full taste.
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I love a 1-2-3 Swiss meringue butter cream - the name explains that is done fast (1-2-3) and gives the ratio – just look it up at: or if you video google 1-2-3 Swiss Meringue Buttercream you ll find it too. It is easy and fast and I always adjust the amount of sugar when I add other sweet ingreds - or add brown sugar for a caramel butter cream. the other advantage is that you can 'mass produce it and freeze it. Good Luck =)
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 It's the ratio of fat to sugar that is the question. Not enough powdered sugar and the frosting tastes really greasy. Too much and it's
"Tooth-achingly" sweet. The recipe on the box goes to the extreme with the sugar. You can decrease the amount of powdered sugar you use as you are making the frosting. Add a little, mix well, than taste. You can always add more. I am not familiar with the recipe but adding a little milk helps as well.

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