Help with buffet quantity of Nobu style baked miso cod

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Hello All..I am preparing about 80 servings of this for a buffet event coming up soon.  Most has to be prepped at my home, though there is a large oven at the venue, which is a short 5 minute ride from my house.  Should I broil first to brown it, then finish at the venue?  Any thoughts or advice is appreciated!  Thanks!
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If they have a large oven, then they must have a rangetop, or flattop.

Personally, especially with fish, I like to do my cooking last minute if at all possible.

Sear on site, finish in oven.

Unless you can cool the fish down immediately after browning at home... but I'm guessing you lack the space.

Keep in mind, the more steps you add, the greater the potential for disaster. Raw cod in an insert... easy to carry. Browned cod on trays, while not impossible to handle, requires more effort. keep it simple.
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Yes, cooking fish at the last minute is definitely optimal and what I prefer as well.  No range or cooktop where this oven is, it's a high school cafeteria.  When you say cool right away, do you mean from broiler to a fridge?  I have 2 large ovens and a smaller convection, so I was thinking broil 5 minutes, take out onto counter, second batch in, then bring to venue, into preheated ovens, then into chafing dish.  The black cod is an oily fish, so I am hoping it won't dry out?  Thanks for the response, any other thoughts?
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Take 4 hotel pans  put 20 peices fish in each  sprinle with paprika, pepper, lemon juice, melted butter and white wine. Cover with food service plastic wrap and foil. Bring to place of function put all in preheated 375-400 oven . Cook about 15 minutes(depending on thickness of fish.. Open oven doors turn down to 225 to keep warm then put as needed into chaffers plastic and foil off sprinle with fresh chopped p[arsley and some dill...Lemon wedges on side.. Enjoy.
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Okay, then. I assume you want a nice brown crust on the fish.

5 minutes is way too long. Your fish will continue to cook afterwards, leaving you with 3/4 cooked fish. When you go to "cook" it, by the time the "inside" reaches temp, the "outside" will have been there twice.

120 pc of fish isn't a huge amount, so here's what I'd do.

Get a metal pan, place it on a bed of ice, or in a shallow ice bath.

Get a good saute pan. Get it nice and hot. Sear your fish for a VERY brief time in the pan, a few pc at a time. Remove and place, seared side down on the ice cold pan. This should stop the cooking. Once cooled remove from the pan, and place in the fridge. I suppose you could also place the fish, briefly, into the ice bath itself... but I wouldn't.

Do this, a few pc at a time until done.

This should give you nicely seared, but not cooked, fish.

If you're not married to the Nobu style cod, then chefedb's got the right idea.
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Black cod is a very forgiving fish when it comes to cooking longer. It is not at all like halibut or salmon. Both of those will dry out if cooked past medium. Does the place have a broiler?

I would bake off the fish to almost done, wrap up tight, and then transport. Then broil at location to get the crust that makes this dish really outstanding. Go for something that looks like this.

I also recommend at least two, if not three full days of marinating in the miso/sake mix. Before broiling brush the tops with some of the marinade so that it crisps up.

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