Help with bonsai ficus?

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I received a bonsai ficus tree about 2 weeks ago. I don't have much experience with caring for plants, but I would like to see this tree last. It says to keep it indoors, in a place with sufficient light and water every other day. Some of its leaves have been turning a splotchy yellow. A friend of mine says it's a sign of too much watering? Or could it be lack of light? I really don't want to kill this cute little tree! :confused:
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An easy way to check if your plant needs water is to stick your finger into the dirt. If it feels wet, don't water it if it feels damp, alittle water. If it feels dry then soak it. Ficus also requires a lot of light. Place it in a place with parital sun light if possible. A note, the more light the more water.

Don't worry about losing a few leaves when you get a new plant. The plant can take up to three to four weeks to aclamate to it new surroundings.

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I recall my parents having bonsi trees when I was young. They had several books on the topic and to the best of my knowledge you do have to treat these mini trees differently than you would say a house plant.

I would spend a little time investigating them either at the library or on line....just to be sure, because I think they do have special needs.....
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Go ahead and pull off any leaves that don't look healthy. This will all the nutrients of the tree to go to the healthy leaves instead of feeding sick ones. Plus it will make your plants look a lot better.

If you have a south facing window, keep your plant in front of it.

Also, the number one problem of house plants is overwatering. I would consider watering once a week. When you feel your soil, be sure to feel over 1/2 inch down from the surface, sometimes the top will be dry but the bottom will have plenty of moisture. Roots need air (oxygen) equally as much as they need water.

Another way to see if it needs water is to pick up the container it is in. If it feels heavy, it has plenty of moisture. If it feels light, you know it needs watering. Do this for a while and you'll know when it needs water.
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