HELP with baskets production

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I have to do like 45 baskets in 2 weeks.
They will contain pastries, chocolate and jams.

About the pastries that I'm going to have:

How would you advise to plan production? make batters and freeze in advance?
Obviously I can't make it all at the same day.
I'm planning on extended shelf life pastries like brownies, butter cookies, financier, biscotti etc.
I never done it so any advice will be amazing!!!

Thanks so much!

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When I do Christmas cookies, I first do everything that I can freeze -
slice and bake sables, spice cookies, etc; dough for roll out sugar cookies.

Then I start with baking the items with the longest shelf life in the fridge - I don't consider brownies to have a long shelf life, though. Then whatever candies I'm doing. Then baking the slice and bakes, and lastly the roll out sugar cookies.

I make plans and lists, and gather recipes, well before Thanksgiving - organization is the key!
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biscotti can be made ahead and stored

sable & shortbread dough can be made and frozen, shape into logs that you can then slice and bake

Depending on which candies they can be made ahead....toffees/caramels, fudge.....

brownies, depending on the recipe can freeze well.
ditto bars.
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It's just my first BIG order as a business owner and due in less then 2 weeks...
I'm working on my plans now...

I'm making biscotti, butter cookies, honey ginger, financier, carrot cake

The carrot cakes I can do a day ahead- they are very moist and also financier- they all kepp for a week. I can freeze the financier batters since they have a lot of butter.

Just to make sure- cookies like honey ginger that has baking soda and I can't freeze the batter- would you recommend on freezing the product?

Also would it be better to bake biscotti ahead and then just freeze it? (then freeze the batter)

I guess I'm asking for all these dry cookies if it's better to just bake them and freeze them few days before. You offer 2 ways so I wanted to make sure what is the best....

Thanks so much again!
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