Help with ballooning pizza

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So, with the ongoing covid situation here, I decided to make and sell various breads from home to supplement my income.

Lately, however, my pizza crusts have started to balloon up in the oven as shown in the images below.

I've been making them for months now but this is the first time this has happened. And not just one or two. I've had an entire batch of dough turn out like this.

The recipe, process, baking temp and baking time are unchanged from when I started doing this so I'm confused as to why this would suddenly happen, especially to this extent.

Any advice would be high appreciated. Thank you.
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What you have made is a very large pita bread. After letting the dough rise the first time, punch it down and press it onto the size yoy want, on a buttered, or oiled pizza pan.. Dock it with a fork to allow leavening gas to escape. Pop it into you 450-600 degree oven, and bake until lightly browned.

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Eleven years ago there was a similar thread

Might fund an idea there
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