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I have a trade test coming up in which i have to make a 4 course menu . Now i wanted some easy foolproof impressive appetizers which don't take too much of time and don't require too many elaborate ingredients.... and also some help on platin' em ....Hope ya all can help !
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If you come to a chef forum and ask for a bunch of ideas on how to ace your test, what do YOU learn from it?

Open a book!
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Hmm, I notice the OP is attending culinary school in India. I wonder what they teach there.
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The same as they teach in a British or a USA school one supposes.  Otherwise why would he be asking us to do his research on creme brulee vs Burnt Cream or this thread re appetisers?

They do have European restaurants and hotels in India!
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Why not, Juzi?

An appetizer is a small portion designed to stimulate the appetite and prepare it for the dishes to come. Anything that does that meets the definition.

Thus, your sour soup would be served in a small bowl or cup, or in the form of a shooter, or some such plating. Nowhere near the size of a full serving, in other words. With a cold presentation, you might, for plating interest, do something like hollow out sections of cucumber (leaving a bottom) and fill them with the sour soup.

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