Help with All Clad collection types

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I have recently purchased 3 All Clad pieces used. I have a 7" nonstick French pan, 9" metal French pan, and a 10" or 11" nonstick skillet. None of the pans have any markings I them, so it is making it difficult for me to identify them.

The handles on the nonstick pan are at a very slight angle. While the handle on the 9" is at a greater angle.

The 7" appears to be aluminum in construction due to the sound made when tapping the bottom. The other pans have a similar sound to each other as being more metallic (steel).

Any and all help is appreciated. Thank you everyone in advance.


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I own a lot of all clad, in three different lines. All clad only has a few non-stick pans (coated on the inside vs anodized aluminum). If it's a French pan, then it's in their stainless steel collection. The TK line has a couple of non stick coated frying pans, but not a French. Also, the sizes, 7" & 11" are in the stainless steel line. The TK line frying pans are all even numbers (i.e., 8", 12"), no odd number sizing.

Hard to say what line the metal pan is in. I own full sets of their stainless steel and polished lines, and frankly, I can't tell one from the other.
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It is a 10" nonstick skillet and not an 11".

Thank you for the quick response. MC2 didn't make French pans? The only two that I thought they might be would be MC2 and their stainless collection. I'll check and see if either of them are magnetic. If so, then I know they are stainless because the MC2 are all aluminum. If not, then they might be either, according to a site I just visited ( (I'm not sure if I can post outside websites, that is why I X'ed out the address.)
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