Help with All-Butter Pie Crusts

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if you get to a point where you wonder why the shell shrunk on that pie, now you'll know why and how to stop it.
I also make regular old time dough with vegetable oil, ice, milk, flour, and salt. Thanks so much for your point of view. Am really just a short order breakfast cook at heart.
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My dough takes three days to make.
  1. Day one mix, form into a ball, wrap and refrigerate for 24 hours to relax the gluten.
  2. Day two roll out the dough and place into the appropriate pan, cover and refrigerate for 24 hours to relax the gluten.
  3. Day three blind bake.
For my tart doughs I use Ruhlman's ratio or 3:2:1, Double that ratio to 6:4:2. In other words 6oz White Lily AP, 4oz butterfat and 2oz water. Note I stated butterfat. Since American butter is largely 20% water, I add an extra ounce of butter to the recipe making it 5oz butter which yields 4oz of butterfat.
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............ When I do work dough, its gentle, more of a smear to spread the butter throughout the dough. ..........
Julia Child called that technique "fraisage" or "coming down from the mountain", smearing the rough ball of dough with the heel of the hand. It flattens the butter leading to a flakier crust.
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