Help with a dish

Joined Jan 22, 2010
For most of my life i have been in love with thai ice tea and i want to make a dish that gives a nod to it.
i have most of it figured out

garnish will be a sugar crusted basil leaf

the milk seen floatig atop will be represented by a coconut ice cream
The tea will be a sweet pangang curry pannacotta

here is where i run into a brick wall , what should put instead of the boba?
 i was thinking some type of alginate encased situation of what?
any help or advice would be welcomed
Joined Feb 5, 2010
That sounds fan-stinkin-tastic Rexxar!

What about doing a tea/coffee infused anglaise in alginate to bring a little of that tea/coffee bitterness into it; maybe sweetened with some vanilla or add a little frangellico or benedictine to it.
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