help wanted for dutch farmers

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Hi gardeners,
I have a problem. The dutch governement is trying to get rid of all the farmers ! also since the EU has grown with more then 10 countries, all cheap vegetables come from them too which leaves the farmers with nowhere to go with theire products... I'm trying to save some of them by trying to convince hem to start growing different thing like mizuna or bok-soy and stuff like that. Does anyone have a good link for me with chinese/japanees veggies? I can show them what i mean?

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Are you looking for sites that offer seeds, plants, or just info about the different vegetables?

Here are some companies I use that are good and offer Asian products:

I've just heard about these folks that specialize:

Here's a forum that is an Asian Vegetable gardening forum:

And here's a string on seed sources from that forum:

Best of luck to you!
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Thanks Emily and sorry it took me so long to answer, the restaurant is really busy at the moment. I looked at the sites but I'm afraid they are too complicated. You have to imagine that they ( the farmers ) have no idea what I'm talking about. So it has to be like : Name : mizuna and then a picture and growing information. Any site is welcome :bounce: :bounce:
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Surely you can buy these vegetables locally? Dont your supermarkets do them. Im all for encouraging crop diversity & am a great fan of organic produce. Im afraid that the dutch are responsible for some pretty poor hothouse grown salads forced & absolutely tasteless. The BSE crisis & the need for land to build houses have also caused heartache for our farmers.I am noticing that many of them are becoming specialists in dairy,meats & produce. Thiese crops are smaller yields but actually taste of something & local town farmers markets here do a roaring trade with the public & restaurants. They charge top dollar & people are increasingly happy to pay for food like it used to taste before the damned supermarkets ruined it for everyone. Good luck.
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